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Commercial Roofing is a process that utilizes material that is used to cover and seal the roofs of the commercial structures so as to insulate (R factor) and protect them.

The commercial roofing system conserves energy by reducing the consumption of internal energy. The materials used in these systems must be installed by a commercial roofer, registered with the RI Contractors Board. If your business is eco-friendly, then you can explore the possibilities for saving money and increasing sustainability with a solar roofing consultation with our partner, SunWatt Solar.™ Popular commercial roofing is by and large flat roofing. There are several flat roofing options such as TPO, EPDM and the PVC. All these flat roofing systems are economical to put up and are also durable. The life span of the commercial roofing is easily 40 years or more if properly maintained.

A commercial roof typically has a flat slope (0/12 to 2/12) that is unlike anything seen in residential roofing (with the exception of porches and extensions). The best commercial roofing products are perhaps the Carlisle™ or Mulehide™ roofing materials. The membrane of such a ply is highly reflective with a white membrane that saves a lot of energy.

Colors for the TPO are also available but limited. Properly installed is also leak proof with no maintenance. TPO roofing also resists the high winds because it is mechanically installed on your roof.

If the roof is built properly and is maintained well, then the longevity of the commercial roofing is huge, whether the roofing is for the commercial or residential purpose. There are also some other advantages of the Commercial Roofing, like easier maintenance, lower temperatures within the building, and a lower load of cooling and heating on the HVAC systems.

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